Our pets!

 You want to bring Fido or Felix on holiday with the whole family? The Yelloh! Village Le Pré Bas allows pets in accomodations AND pitches.



  • In traditional camping, dogs and cats are allowed in a limit of 2 pets per location.
  • If you have rented a cottage, pets are welcome in the range 2fleursoranges and  3fleursoranges within the limit of one animal per cottage.We can not accept animals in the 4fleursorangesrange. Indeed, we also welcome persons taking health cures who can be highly sensitive to the hair of these animals.


In all cases, we ask you to follow certain rules to ensure that your stay is the best:

  • You will need to take your dog outside the campsite for their needs
  • it must be on a leash inside the camping
  • it should not be left alone in the tent, in the caravan, camper or in the cottage
  • it should not annoy the neighborhood by barking


Finally, do not forget to take with you the vaccination record of your pet