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The Lake Chambon is a volcanic lake in the “Massif du Mont Dore” in the Puy-de-Dôme in the Auvergne region.

The Lake Chambon was formed by the volcano Le Tartaret that has blocked the Couze Chambon’s bed , it is located at 877 m, shallow (4 m), but large enough (60 ha). Its banks are cut, except to the north where a beach has been equipped for swimming and water activities.

A path leads to go around in about an hour. Part of the trail was redeveloped in 2006 and a portion on stilts allow to track the shore of the lake passing through marshy areas.

North of Lake Chambon stands a rock needle, old remnant of the volcano “Dent du Marais”, called “Saut de la Pucelle” (Jump of the Virgin)

A legend tells that a young shepherdess, to escape the attentions of the lord, threw herself from the top of this rocky outcrop, amounting to about 100 m, and miraculously landed unhurt.

She would have boasted of his achievement in the village and, in front of the disbelief of the villagers, wanted to do it again, but this time would have crashed to the ground.
Nearby the Lake Chambon, there is also the ski resort Chambon des neiges and the Murol Castle.